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Postby TWag1 » December 22nd, 2017, 10:58 am

So the USSA staff e-mails are hitting the inbox now as the season approaches. It dawns on me that this season will be unlike any in - I would guess - anyone's recent memory. The Godfather has passed the torch.

While it's a bit scary to think about, I realized I've been active in racing for over 4 decades, even though I'm a "relative newcomer" to the snowmobile world. Regardless of the genre, I'm pretty sure that during the course of that time, I have never met anyone personally who had as much of an impact on his sport as Jerry Korinek has had.

It will be very different to not necessarily see him holding court in the trailer - or during social hour for that matter - with stories that I consider more than stories - instead actual history lessons in the sport. They never grew old.

One of my favorite memories is the time I closed down a motel bar with Jerry and Ted Otto - the three of us - just talking. Well - I was pretty much just listening - with two legitimate icons in the conversation!

I hope when he comes to the track on race day, that he gets to watch and enjoy the races - without stress!!!

The torch is passed I believe - - we all just need to keep it lit!!!

Thanks Jerry.

See you all in Tomahawk!!!
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Re: That31Car

Postby watcher » December 22nd, 2017, 1:12 pm

Jerry & Ted you could never thank them enough! I have Learned so much and still don't hold a candle to either one of them. I love stopping in by Dick Gokey and talk about all the stories of Jerry & Ted USSA & ISR
Merry Christmas Jerry
Merry Christmas Ted up in Heaven
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