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WC feelings?

WC feelings?

Postby RacinFan » January 22nd, 2018, 5:12 pm

I’m not happy with the conduct of that final race.

Is anyone else less than happy?

I have plenty to say, but I’m on a time schedule too. Are u kidding me???

I waited around all day/weekend to see/hear a call like that?

I’m a long time fan of the WC, how the heck does that happen that way?

Indy 500 of snowmobiling, are u kidding me? Indy has solid start times, for the fans. And they have solid rules, for the fans.

None of which I saw in the final yesterday.

Anybody have any other feelings?
Matt Maurer
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Re: WC feelings?

Postby RacinFan » January 22nd, 2018, 5:19 pm

One last question, how do u leave a race go green with two drivers down? One of which was in the middle of the track?
Matt Maurer
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Re: WC feelings?

Postby Spy-Guy 74 » January 22nd, 2018, 11:00 pm

Matt I don't come on here very often anymore, every six weeks or so. First off I will say congratulations out to the 102 and crew for winning the Derby. Over the years I've learned you win some you maybe shouldn't have, but then there's ones you should have and it doesn't happen. Over the long run it sort of seems to even out.

As for what you want addressed it does seem funny the race didn't start at the time that was scheduled, sort of always happened before for sure. As for what went on in the last two laps, seems things were questionalbe, but sure wasn't Blaine's fault. A red flag was thrown in corner three, corner four had the yellow out, some drivers said they heard red on there receivers, but in the end the flagman waved the checkered flag.

A few things I would like to see happen in the future is if you cause a red in ANY CLASS your done with that race. I think we would see less red flags. This spring we will be reviewing the future for champ class for the future after 2019 season. Many will disagree with me, but I believe the speeds for premier class in ovals should maybe be like 90 to 95 mile per hour tops, In Ironwood this year I heard speeds as high a 107 miles per hour, to me that's to fast. The average fan wouldn't see the difference and I believe things would be much safer. Corner speeds are so much higher that when Champ first became the premier class.

One thing I do know this is going to be our last chance to make things correct for the future, or this just becomes part of history period. The sport itself is taking it's last breath, my hope for sure was that I wouldn't see the last premier oval race. That's exactly what can happen if things are not thought out and corrected this spring. My opinion only, but on the other hand I'm pretty sure of myself when saying it.
Spy-Guy 74
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Re: WC feelings?

Postby RacinFan » January 29th, 2018, 12:22 pm

Sorry Blaine, crew, family and friends. I did not mean my rips on here or Facebook to be aimed at u. U raced a hell of a race and as u showed us all, u deserved the win. Congrats everyone.

My problem centers on the derby track, and USSA and their lack of consistency in show (derby). “Indy 500 of Snowmobiling” ( Ur obviously kidding), USSA u stop a race sometimes, but not others.... I don’t even know where to start on that point...

Back to back weekends I watched. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the 525 this weekend. :(

The way the races were rub were less than consistent.

It’s probably not a good idea to get started in on the first Tomohawk race....

How do u start that race on lap one (remake) even though more laps were run?
Matt Maurer
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Re: WC feelings? WOW... Kind'a a gift.

Postby Drift_Hopper » February 2nd, 2018, 1:56 pm

Well, this post, John's article, and the You tube video made me log in, last time on was 2014.

After reading this post and then John's article on the home page, I went to You Tube to see if there were any vids from the final .

There is a good one of it... condensed. I watched a couple times. ( Them track announcers in the vid suck )

Being here in the east, ( NY ) and being around dirt tracks, moto x and some sled racing, ( when there's snow ) on that final lap , he clearly raced passed a red flg in the 3rd turn.

What was the flag man doing , ( was he wearing a head set ?? ) in the 4th turn with the yellow out..... ???

And .. then the flagger at the finish line with the checkered. Again...what.... no head set...?

He's probably thinkin' .... " screw it... let's just get the day over with. "

Wow..... I guess all types, all forms and all levels of racing will have controversy.

But .. after watching the video, that was a gift. If Blaine and crew are reading.... no offense, just the way i see from watching it on the computer, it may have been different in real life.

And again.... as posted above..... ya win some , you lose some.

And Congrats.. I guess you gotta give it to him for not letting up and continuing the lap... heck.. everyone gets a bone thrown to 'em every now and then.

Never been to Eagle river,,,, maybe some day, but what surprised me watching the race video, was how rough the track was..!!!
For an oval race, all them guys were really bouncing around.
No wonders that one guy fell off in the straight away.
Ya really gotta question the safety of the final with them speeds.

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Re: WC feelings?

Postby ThirdFloorAccounting » February 12th, 2018, 9:22 am

Matt Maurer (RacinFan) : Not to throw anyone under the bus but I do wish to clarify that at this years Derby, neither the flagman or person calling the "red flags to the drivers receivers" in the tower were USSA officials. There are select USSA people working that race, but those two positions were filled by others.

Jeff Korinek
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