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Boonville, Eganville And Valcourt *** Loyalty Purse ***

Boonville, Eganville And Valcourt *** Loyalty Purse ***

Postby tp176 » January 30th, 2018, 2:41 pm

The promoters of these three events have collaborated and in turn have agreed to pay a "Loyalty Purse". This purse will be distributed to any driver registering and competing at all three of the events. We understand that there is no vintage at Valcourt so any vintage racer will only have to register and compete at Eganville and Boonville. Champ, F500 and Junior 340 will need to compete at all three events. The driver is only eligible to receive the purse once, regardless of how many classes he/she may enter. The drivers on track performance will NOT have any effect on how much they receive. Example: **ACTUAL AMOUNT WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW MORNING** $3000 in the purse, 15 drivers meet the criteria, each driver will receive $200 - regardless of class or finishing position.

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