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New 40 year Soo I-500 History Book Coming Soon

New 40 year Soo I-500 History Book Coming Soon

Postby slandon » February 11th, 2008, 1:57 pm

Coming this spring - 2008 a complete history of the Soo I-500 on C.D. this book is in PDF format covering all 40 years of this historic race. Thanks to improvements in technology our new book is easier to read plus it offers more than our previous production. Full race coverage of the Soo I-500, features, coverage of the "Senior Classic", "Memories at the Mile" vintage Show, "Tired Iron Classic" Kids Mini 5's results of all 40 years, photos and more from the Granddaddy of the all them all. As a bonus we will be including with the book C.D. a special bonus C.D. photo montage set to music covering highlights of 40 years at the mile. This photo C.D. was viewed at the racer reunion and 2008 I-500 banquet with tremendous response. We wish we could do a book in print again, however, between photo's, stories Trivia etc.. we have discovered it would be impossible to do for the number of pages required.

The Soo has been won by a number of cross country drivers like Useldinger, Enns, Karpik, Davidson, Gueco, Wicht III and more Don't miss out on this special edition. To obtain an order form drop us a line or print out a copy of the form by going to look under downloads on the left side of the home page
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