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i wanna set up a 09 polaris dragon 800's shocks

i wanna set up a 09 polaris dragon 800's shocks

Postby mcarl33 » March 2nd, 2009, 1:31 pm

hi there, looking for any info on shock valving for the walker evans shocks on my 09 dragon, i got them cranked on the 14th setting,with the springs in there stiffest setting, and it is way to soft, in the rear, front seems good but will take any advice , thanks
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i wanna set up a 09 polaris dragon 800's shocks

Postby RpR#10 » March 6th, 2009, 11:25 am

I was involved in some testing with the '09 Dragon 600's. As teams prepped for the Iron Dog.

Keep an eye on you rear torque assembly as we had some issues with them bending. You might want to box in the open tubes and finish welding some of the peices that were stitch welded from the factory. Also look for broken washers on you skid as well.

This might help as far as spring rates.
Skis - change out the stock spring to a straight rate 120#/in
Center - straight rate 180#/in to 220#/in spring. It varies depending on the rider.
Rear torsion - in the performance manual they offer suggestions try the next size heavier spring size option.

The valving, Im not sure. Most of the Iron Dog teams changed to Ohlin shocks for the race.

I have had issues in the past with the WE shocks not being right out of the crate. I usually rebuild them as soon as I get them. Either they have air in them, not enough oil, or have no nitrogen in them. I would put fresh oil in them and recharged then ride the sled.

Rear - You definately want the rear stiffer valved on the compression side. Focus mainly on the high speed compression dampening. That will make the biggest difference I think.

Fronts - probably slightly heavier on the high speed compression vavling.

Hope that helps.
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