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Rules and Procedures update

Rules and Procedures update

Postby mbenoy119 » April 18th, 2011, 3:12 am

The IWA Board of Directors met yesterday and have implemented a couple of small procedure changes.

Under Section X, letter B regarding advancement from Semi Pro to Pro, it will now read: "The top 2 drivers in each of the Sem-Pro oval classes from each season and the Grantsburg World Champion (if different) will be moved to their respective Pro oval classes for the following season. The top 2 will be established by average of points scored at the events that the driver has attended and will not be based on season points or any bonus points awarded for season participation. Ties in points among the top drivers in the class will result in both drivers being moved into the Pro class (for instance, if 2 drivers are tied for 1st in average points earned and 3 drivers are tied for 2nd, all 5 of them would be moved). Drivers will have the right to appeal this decision, but the IWA Board of Directors will have the final decision.

We will also remove the advancement requirements from Section XI, letter B as it is all covered in Section X, letter B

We also voted to remove Section XI, letter C from the rules which read "A driver may compete in Pro Stock and Semi Pro Open for 1 (one) season. After that, they are no longer eligible to compete in Semi Pro." Drivers will now be able to compete in Pro Stock and remain in Semi-Pro Open (unless they are advanced through the process spelled out in Section X, Letter B)

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Also, be advised that the IWA rule book is currently going through a significant change of wording and grouping. The specific class rules will be written as the rules for competition and will be published in the ISR book. The items in the current rules as posted on our website that pertain to "procedure" will be listed as "IWA operating procedures" on the IWA Website and will no longer be included in the IWA rules. This new format will be available after May 15th once I am able to get all of the wording reviewed and approved by ISR. Please watch your email and the IWA website for these documents as they will be made available as soon as they are approved.


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