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TLR Cup Points Chase Continued at Eagle River Derby

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TLR Cup Points Chase Continued at Eagle River Derby

Postby TLR Cup » January 21st, 2015, 10:00 pm

(Eagle River, Wisconsin – January 21, 2015) It’s no news that the Amsoil World Championship Snowmobile Derby at Eagle River draws the best drivers in the sport of ice oval racing to the Snowmobile Capital of the World to compete for the title of World Champ in a wide variety of classes. However, when you throw the added purse and points chase that the TLR Cup Pro Championship Series provides into the mix, everything moves to the next level of intensity. This year’s Derby was no exception, as fans witnessed truly professional racing and nail-biting features.

TLR Cup action started on Thursday evening, as Pro Champ drivers raced through the first round of qualifying heats for the Sweet 16 race that would be the final race of the Friday Night Thunder Program. Those who advanced hit the track again on Friday afternoon, with ten drivers ultimately making it into the 16-lap final.

Malcolm Chartier was fast off the line, as were Travis MacDonald and P.J. Wanderscheid. Aboard his Arctic Cat, Wanderscheid was the only non Ski-Doo in the top five for the majority of the race. Matt Schulz would move into the second position by lap 11 and after a staggered restart with 4 laps to go, Cardell Potter got a great start which put him into the second position. When the checkered flew it was Chartier out front, followed by Potter and Schulz. In addition to the win, Chartier earned himself pole-position for Sunday’s world championship race – exactly as he did last year.

The five TLR Cup vintage classes added this year ran finals on Sunday and offered fans a reprise from the modern machines. Russell Liba and Sabrina Blanchet battled it out all weekend in Sno Pro 340X IFS, with the young Canadian Blanchet pulling holeshots and Liba, no stranger to the track, making up ground with laps. In the final Liba took the win on his Ski-Doo with Blanchet and Travis Patocka finishing second and third, respectively.

Super Mod 440 FA/LQ was dominated by the Smith’s, hailing from Wasilla, Alaska. Both aboard Arctic Cats, Steve Smith was first to the checkered followed by teammate Sean Smith. Brandon Getz rounded out the top three.

Rhinelander, Wisconsin’s Curtis Pederson made several appearances on the Derby track and earned himself second place finishes in Super Mod 340 FA/LQ (where Thomas Olson took the win), Super Stock Fan 440 (won by Justin Ernst), and Super Stock 340 FA/LQ (behind winner Dale Schwenk).

Next up on the TLR Cup’s nine-round race schedule is the Wausau 525 Snowmobile Championships January 24-25 in Wausau, Wisconsin. For complete results and more information about the series, visit
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