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My Ski Doo Sled makes me sick.

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My Ski Doo Sled makes me sick.

Postby casey » September 24th, 2014, 9:07 pm

It is an 03 Ski Doo 700 Summit. I bought this sled used and have only had it for 2 years. When I ride my sled I get physical sick from fumes. We went out to the Black Hills, I could only ride for a couple of hours and I was done for the day. My wife switched sleds with me and she could stand it a little better, but she did have some headaches. Compared to the Polaris that I have I never feel sick and can ride a whole day. There are no leaks in the exhaust under the hood, that I could physically see. I took it out for one last quick ride and the tack, lights everything went out. My question is, do you have any helpful hints if these two things are related. I just want someone else's opinion. I'm just at a loss.


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Re: My Ski Doo Sled makes me sick.

Postby Skiduders » December 17th, 2015, 10:42 pm

This post is a year old, with now answers and hardly any views..... So sad.

What happened to this website?

I would have at least tried to tell the poor guy to try a different injection oil or check his can springs.

WTF happened to all the people? Its like a dead church in here.
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