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Seeking snowmobile engine advice

If you're looking for advice or if you have a tuning tip for your fellow snowmobilers, this is the board for you.

Seeking snowmobile engine advice

Postby turbofiat124 » December 10th, 2012, 1:40 pm

Hello! My name is James Seabolt and I live in the valley of Eastern Tennessee where we get little snow. So why am I here?

I own a 1981 Trabant 601 with a 600cc 2 stroke, 2 cycle air cooled engine that makes 28 HP and I am wanting to transplant a simliar sized/type engine that makes more power.

Here is my car: ... t/Trabant/

This is a VERY inefficent engine. Based on an old DKW (Audi) design built up until 1991 when the car went out of production after the reunification of Germany.

I was thinking about having my spare engine beefed up at a motorcycle shop but I was told about the only thing you can do to these engines to get more power is to shave a 1mm off the heads which might give me an extra 5HP. So if I am going to transplant anything I want it to be worth my while.

I considered a jetski engine since they are more common in this part of the country but don't think that would be a good engine to use since they are water cooled designed.

I know nothing about snowmobiles since nobody around here owns one except up in the mountains at ski resorts around Boone NC.

I need an engine that meets the following criteria:

1) air cooled
2) carburated
3) 2 cycle
3) physcially about the same size that will fit my car (2 cylinder).
3) Makes at least 50 HP

It's my understanding some of the more modern two stroke 600cc engines can produce around 70HP.

I've seen Rotax engines that look quite similiar to my Trabant's engine that might work. But have no idea what makes or models or years even use this type of engine.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to what to look for? Anybody know of any snowmobile breakers that sell used COMPLETE snowmobile engines? Carbs and all?

All the used engines I've seen on Ebay are basically shortblocks.

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Seeking snowmobile engine advice

Postby ski-dont » December 11th, 2012, 3:46 am

heres a couple that might help you,they are used parts dealers
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Seeking snowmobile engine advice

Postby BA88YAMAHA » December 12th, 2012, 1:22 am

Hey is there anybody out there that can tell me why I am get presure in my oil tank on my 2005 Yamaha rage (973cc four stroke). It's blowing oil inti the air filter/air intake.

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Seeking snowmobile engine advice

Postby kenlacy » December 12th, 2012, 3:09 am

Turbofiat - modern 2-stroke liquid 600 will produce 125 hP. 550 Fans are around 60HP. Try looking for 550 fan cooled - try Polaris, Ski-doo and Arctic Cat.

BA88- My RX1 did that when I fried the motor. Compression was escaping past the rings down into the block end exiting through the breather and into the oil tank. It still ran, just down on one. Not sure if that is your issue but put a compression tester on and see.
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