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Mfr ads on home page's background

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Mfr ads on home page's background

Postby ACZL » November 2nd, 2010, 1:41 am

Dear Snowgoer,

Just happened to have clicked onto your site yesterday to check on a couple things and was really surprised to see the Polaris name plastered on both sides of the home page. In my opinion, it's one thing to have the ads along the edges or borders of the page, but to have a mfr's ad appear on the outside of page is a bit much. Unless Snowgoer is getting a healthy fee for allowing it, it reminds me of years ago when Polaris did the same thing with it's dealer network. Set up a whole bunch of dealers within a small area in order to sell more sleds/atv's when in the end, all the dealers lucked out and didn't sell that many. So Poalris pulled the plug on MANY and wound up with just a handful of dealers because one wasn't selling enough.

I understand brand recognition and market share is important and perhaps Polaris has a deep advertising budget. Wouldn't surprise me any to see you folks give them a very good report over the next few months and the others, well, need improvement.

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