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Can someone help identify a pull behind toboggan?

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Can someone help identify a pull behind toboggan?

Postby SkiDooFanatic » December 6th, 2011, 2:18 pm

Hello all. Growing up my dad had a Bombardier Olympique with a pull behind toboggan. This toboggan was long and had a handle up front and could hold several people. It was wooden and on slender ski's/rails. Does anyone know if this toboggan had a name or if there are any still around? My dad's unfortunately decayed under a willow tree as it was left outside uncared for. I remember seeing pictures of it, but can't find any pic's to date at home or online. Can anyone help me to identify this tow behind and a pic of it. I'd really like to get the original specs. on it if at all possible! Thanks in advance!! Enjoy the upcoming season!!
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