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2012 Big East Powersports Show

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2012 Big East Powersports Show

Postby ACZL » March 21st, 2012, 3:23 am

Dear SnowGoer,

Have you set a date and location yet for the 2012 Big East Powersports Show? In years past it was always held near the end of Sept/early Oct. Location: OnCenter in Syracuse, NY. Labor Day w/e is the 1st w/e in Oct this year and I would find it hard to believe it would be scheduled then as many folks may be taking a vacation w/ kids having a 3 day w/e. Plus, with Onondaga Community College opening up their brand new event center, this directly competes w/ the OnCenter for events and my guess is that you might be looking at having the event there instead due to many complaints about paying to park and concession prices at the OnCenter. One downfall to the OCC location is exactly that, location. All 2 lane roads to get there and not overly easy for semis to get to. Not saying they can't, just a bit of a pain.

If you have any knowledge as to when and where it will be, when will the public know by? I would like to plan ahead due to work so I can attend.

Thank you in advance.

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2012 Big East Powersports Show

Postby JohnPrusak » March 21st, 2012, 3:57 am

Hey Mike, the dates for the Big East Snowmobile/Powersports Show are indeed set -- it will again be the first weekend of October as per usual at the OnCenter. In this case, it will be October 5-7 at the OnCenter in Syracuse. Over the years we have glanced at different sites, but as much as it may seem like there are other locations that could [i]potentially[/i] accomodate such a show, there are actually very few sites that have enough space to host the event under one roof. Yeah, the OnCenter location isn't perfect and paying for parking is a paid, but the show has been very successful there, consumers are used to and plan on the event and we have a great long-term working relationship with the facility. Plus, it gives me a chance to eat at the Dinosaur every year! See you there...
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