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Ishpeming, MI ( Marquette county) Trail Conditions 1/16/18

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Ishpeming, MI ( Marquette county) Trail Conditions 1/16/18

Postby Country Village » January 16th, 2018, 2:47 pm

Hello All,

Ishpeming, MI : Moose Country

Trails: Weather has been cold but not a lot of snow. Finally got a good amount last night that should lead to trails being in good shape with several inches of cover.

Weather: Cool with snow currently. Snowing pretty heavily.

Seg 1 – Republic – Clowry – – open, full groom good
Seg 2 – Clowry – Ishpeming – – open, full groom good
Seg 3 – Clowry – Nestoria – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good
Seg 4 – Clowry – Triple A – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good
Seg 5 – Republic – Silver Lake – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good
Seg 6 – Silver Lk – Sagola – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good
Seg 7 – Silver Lake – Kates Grade – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good
Seg 8 – Republic – Fence River – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good
Seg 9 – Ishpeming – Republic – 2/15/2017 – open, full groom good

Lodging and Trail Info: Snowmobile Conditions
Questions? Shoot me an email:

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Country Village
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Postby J5Fbr3HcsB » May 29th, 2018, 12:19 pm

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